You Rate It! Burt Blaze – Social Experiment

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<em>You Rate It!</em> Burt Blaze – Social Experiment

Burt Blaze a Romeo, MI native recently took to his Facebook page and announced he had just released a song on his YouTube Channel that he had recorded that same day.


“Social Experiment” is the title of the track Burt Blaze released and the title is fitting for this record and release… Um… Social Experiment! Hope Mr Blaze let’s us know the results! “Social Experiment” is a well thought out track explaining and describing the opinions on social media and the effect it has on society.

“It Started As A Space Then They Got Us In The Book”

Check out Burt Blaze – Social Experiment below and after you listen to the song make sure You Rate It!



Comments on You Rate It! Burt Blaze – Social Experiment

  • Jason U.G.A. Voorheis

    Salute to my homie Burt Blaze I was fortunate to hear this track before he recorded it. I think this is the kind of song that needs to be shared around the world! As much as we love being online it’s a double edged sword! We need to get back to real friendships and interacting with people. Enough with all of the hating and bringing each other down lately.