Trick Trick Speaks On Takashi69 Coming To Detroit

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Trick Trick Speaks On Takashi69 Coming To Detroit

Tekashi69 took to social media in a video and stated,

“There’s gangsters all over this world. East coast, west coast, down south, up north, All over the world, there’s gangsters,” Tekashi said. “I don’t check into nobody. I respect everybody’s soil that I walk on, but I will not check in anywhere I go, and it’s gonna stay like that. Stop telling n****s, n****s gotta check in. It’s 2018, n****s mention my name for clout. It’s not even about gangsters and respect, n****s’ words and g-code, It’s now, ‘Oh, I want clout. I wanna make a name for myself.’ Everybody who mention my name is a f*****g rapper. Y’all not f*****g gangsters. Y’all rappers and y’all want names for y’all selves. It’s not gon happen. I don’t check in nowhere I go.”

Tekashi69 caused an uproar in some Detroiter’s because Detroit is known as a “No Fly Zone” and Trick Trick is the Gatekeeper. Unfortunately for some people it seems Takashi 69 might have a pass into the city. Check out what Trick Trick had to say.

“Folks keep bringing my attention to a particular video where a youngster is saying that he ain’t gotta check in,” Trick said. “Listen, to everybody that’s tagging me in that f*****g video. I don’t give a f**k what that n***a said. If yo ass want something done to that motherf****r, then you do it yourself. I ain’t nobody’s attack dog. This is Detroit. We been there. We did that. That s**t had a purpose to it. It worked. You see these Detroit n****s out there making that goddamn noise. Now we got the g-ddamn bag. Now it’s what we doing with that motherf****r. We round this motherf****r teaching life skills, engineering, DJing, music, motivation, investments, credit repair, real estate, boxing.”

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