Q&A with Sound Off Sundays Ken Brass

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Q&A with Sound Off Sundays Ken Brass

Ken Brass is the CEO of Brasshole Entertainment and has been putting on the Sound Off Sundays at the Baltimore gallery for years. Sound Off Sundays has been an amazing showcase and has seen many great acts come in including Camp Phire Connection, Team Money Hungry, Four Unque Mindz and many many more. We had the oppurtunity to talk to Ken about Sound Off Sundays check out what he had to say.

Hear It Nation: What made you wanna start Sound Off Sundays?

Ken Brass: I want to give artist of all genres an ego free space to come perform, have an opportunity to hear an artist you may not get to here otherwise (ie mainstream media) and help promote growth and unity within the artist community

HIN: What was your favorite show you have thrown this far?

Ken Brass: The reigning champ of best feature so far goes to Beezy Brown of BLVK TOVD I was the first person to believe in him and give him a solo feature and he BEYOND delivered! His energy, showmanship and music is NEXT LEVEL! But also I gotta throw in an honorable mention to Rosie and The Fellas as being where they debuted as a band and have been ripping shows statewide since!

HIN: What makes a show a success to you?

Ken Brass: A show is a success if everybody had fun, networked, somebody makes a new fan and leaves happy!

HIN: Any words to pass along to up and coming promoters?

Ken Brass: Pack your patience, our city is not the best with supporting artist that’s not on the radio, be different don’t try to copy somebody else formula, it’s ok to pull things but make it your own, have a good relationship with your venue and make sure they are supporting you. Keep cost low and if possible have somebody in these streets promoting word of mouth in non traditional areas. Find the 9-5 business man, the single mom that needs a break from the kids, somebody with a birthday coming up to come out and encourage them to spread the word as well. Word of mouth is the best way to get a crowd. And when you get a crowd make sure that get a quality show. You can’t book just anybody cause they will be a reflection on YOUR product. Don’t be afraid to say no! Hold anybody that’s part of your show accountable for promotion and awareness!

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