[New Music] Savior Monroe Drops A New Track And Explains What Its All About.

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[New Music] Savior Monroe Drops A New Track And Explains What Its All About.

Hear It Nation: What made you wanna make a song like “Threat To Society”?
Savior Monroe: Its a movie on Netflix called Beast No Nation (I believe) and it inspired it. Then i did research on how the tribes in Africa really be at war and it just sparked it.
Beast of No Nation is the name of the movie. Dope ass flick
HIN: I seen that movie on Netflix but never watched it.
Savior: Its dope and if you watch the first verse of that song will completely come to life.
HIN: So the song is a deep song but if the person listening could take one thing away from it what would you want it to be?
Savior: That what we go through in America is not the only problems in the world. Its shit going on all over the world that can make our problems look light. So just understand that life could be worse. And it could be your child out there forced to go to war. So cherish your children and enjoy your freedom. The little bit that we have in America is a lot compared to other places in the world and I believe lots of us take that for granted.
HIN: That’s a good message to send, its so rare to see that in the age of mumble rap. Do you think its harder now a days for real lyricist to get a message across?
Savior: Yes, because the lane is so small for rappers that have a message. But i can say that when someone is daring enough to do it like a Kendrick or a Cole or Logic or whoever the people respect it and the fans stay around a lot longer. Music with a message is like Steak and these mumble rap niggas is like McDonalds. Not a lot of steak joints but when you find one its always higher quality food than McDonalds. But people still love McDonalds so its a need for both.
HIN: So whats up with the new album?
Savior: It’ll be available May 26th. Its basically about how a parents decisions can affect their kids. That’s it in a nutshell. The very short version of an elaborate story line that i hope everybody enjoys.

You Can Check Out Savior Monroe’s New Single “Threat To Society” Below.

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