Metal For Your Head: Pestilent Age

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Metal For Your Head: Pestilent Age

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Came across a this metal band called Pestilent Age and I was absolutely blown away. Who is Pestilent Age? Well, you can now check out their full bio and playlist right here.

Hailing from Lapeer Michigan Pestilent Age started their journey into the world of extreme metal in the spring of 2016. This explosive 4 piece is composed of an onslaught of high tempo blast beats and double bass grooves laid down by drummer Steve Worley, the crushing and gritty low end of bassist Brandon (Spud) Lesley, the in your face riffs and blazing fast solos of guitar players Nick Ruiz and Lee Roach, rounded off with a mix of deep guttural death metal lows and shrill black metal highs belted out by vocalist Lee Roach. This can best be heard on their first full length album Medieval Holocaust released in April of 2016 which boasts song topics ranging from gore, anti-religion, history, problems in society, to just straight partying. Hard working,a strong passion for music theory, and a love for all things brutal Pestilent Age brings with them the strong desire to take over each and every city in the Midwest one fan at a time!

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