Happy New Year 2017: You’ll Indie Like a Boss with Hear It Nation

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Happy New Year 2017: You’ll Indie Like a Boss with Hear It Nation

This new year brings exciting opportunities for Hear It Nation and Detroit’s independent artists. Let me give you the rundown on what’s going on.

If you don’t know me (yet), my name is MikeyT. I’m the janitor around here. I build things. Fix things. Make things happen. That kind of stuff.

We began with a goal to create a new kind of digital promotion company for indie artists. It had to be social. It had to be local. Fans and artists must be able to connect with each other, away from the noise and distractions on Big Social.

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Artists: This is YOUR all-in-one digital promotion platform!

You can build a website. Organize your EPK (electronic press kit). Stream your music. Offer downloads. Post your show calendar. Add a photo gallery. Communicate with fans. Sell merchandise. And so much more.. .

Free (as in free beer).

Your music, btw… is probably streaming on our radio station already (hit us up if it’s not),. Oh, and we like to publish news and stuff about local artists too.

There’s a lot going on around here for the Detroit independent music scene… When are you going to join us?

Hear It Nation is currently in beta release, by which I means that it’s mostly functional with errors. So please sign up right now to give us a hand!