Hear It Nation MVP of the Week

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Hear It Nation MVP of the Week

Now it might sound like bragging, but I gotta tell you, we’ve got one helluva team! They’re talented, focused, driven and most importantly, passionate about the underground music scene. So we decided to honor one of them each Friday as our HIN Team MVP!

This week’s chosen team member has been working her ass off. She’s constantly asking questions and absorbing new information. She wants to learn all she can to be the best she can! This week alone, she picked up a new sponsor and started a new initiative. You’ll be hearing a lot from her on Hear It Nation Radio. Drum roll please…

The MVP Award goes to… Tiny!

Thank you Tiny, you’re the best!

Comments on Hear It Nation MVP of the Week

  • http://detroitmikeog.wpengine.com mac

    Congratulations Tiny

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/1454001851289692/ tanya-allbee-fisher

    thank you both so much!! much love to you all 🙂

  • Geno Franzoni

    Congratulations tiny……!!!!

  • http://detroitmikeog.wpengine.com miketodd

    Go Tiny!