Grandma Haddon’s ‘Real Life’ Halloween Horrors

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Grandma Haddon’s ‘Real Life’ Halloween Horrors

A nice little story about a Detroit grandmother, Larethia Haddon, who made national news with her realistic Halloween decorations.

Why a Detroit grandma’s Halloween display depicts police shootings and terrorist attacks

Granda Haddon's Halloween

A child predator.

An elderly man holding a jar of contaminated water from Flint, Mich.

A shooting victim with arms raised, under a sign stating: “MY HANDS WERE UP.”

Effigies representing all of the above and more dot Larethia Haddon’s front yard this year.

The Detroit grandmother is using her penchant for elaborate Halloween decorations to bring attention to things that, she says, actually frighten her.

“This is what people really need to be doing instead of putting [up] scarecrows,” Haddon told The Washington Post. “People need to be more aware of all these things right now. We’ve got to pull ourselves together, start to band together to try to stop some of these things.”

According to The Washington Post, 793 people have been shot and killed by police this year (2016) alone… with a couple months left to kill go…

The reality of that number is probably a lot worse too.

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