Evola Summer 2017 Mixtape No Control

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Evola Summer 2017 Mixtape No Control

South Warren rapper Evola took to Youtube & released his entire new mixtape on June 27th which is actually Evolas birthday. The new Summer 2017 mixtape is titled “No Control” and you can check it out all in one video below.


Track List
Track 1. No Control
Track 2. No One Can
Track 3. Tear It Up
Track 4. On My Own
Track 5. Heart And Soul
Track 6. Keep Up
Track 7. Ready
Track 8. Slowing Me Down
Track 9. This Is Fatal
Track 10. Fired Up
Track 11. Show You
Track 12. This High
Track 13. Our Time
Track 14. Give Up
Track 15. People
Track 16. What I Don’t Have
Track 17. You Know
Track 18. Almost Time
Track 19. Scared
Track 20. Moving On

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  • Joseph Evola

    Check out my new mixtape. Show me some love. 🙂