Classic Detroit Radio: A Brief History

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Classic Detroit Radio: A Brief History

As Internet radio continues growing more mainstream, it can be easy to forget our terrestrial radio past.

Detroit has a fascinating history when it comes to music and radio. Crain’s Detroit Business:

Detroit full of sites with legendary sounds

For generations of music fans, memories from the “golden era” of rock ‘n’ roll — when Detroit was one of the nation’s most important markets…

Every major act played Detroit back then… One five-night period in April 1978 sums it up for me. I saw The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn and Gene Clark in a small club, followed the next night by David Bowie at Cobo. The next night it was Elvis Costello & The Attractions’ dynamic local debut at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on a bill with Nick Lowe & Rockpile and Mink DeVille, followed two nights later by Lou Reed at Masonic Auditorium, during which Mitch Ryder joined him onstage for the encore.

From initial airplay on Windsor’s CKLW and Detroit’s even hipper WABX FM station, numerous bands broke out of the Michigan market via legendary local performances.

Found a few more interesting morsels of Detroit radio history that I thought I’d share. History within my time anyway…

Explore these cool old school radio graphics.

Do you remember Detroit Rocks WWWW?

Bet there aren’t a whole lotta people who do.

Of course there’s always somethin’ crazy going on over at the Riff… Baby!

And let’s not forget…

WLLZ – Detroit’s Wheels was my favorite station growing up as a kid.

Watch this old WLLZ commercial circa 1986. Rotflmao!

Here’s a good one…

Do you remember WABX (mentioned above)?

What about K-Rock?

Of course WJLB has always been strong in the Motor City!

A few more random facts:

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