Independent music done right.

Rough draft updated 12/29/16.

Hear It Nation is a Detroit focused social entertainment network build to help independent talent succeed. HIN was established in 2014, by a team of passionate music fans. Together, with you, we aim to provide a useful and honest experience to the people who want them. Hear It Nation is the best way to connect with people, express yourself, share, and discover what’s happening in your local area (metro-Detroit). Get started today!

Music Fans

Hear It Nation helps you create and share ideas and information instantly — without barriers. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your desktop browser, phone, email or whatever you happen to be using. Track your favorite bands. Keep up to date on happenings at your favorite local bars.

Musicians, Bands, and Other Local Artists

If you’re relying solely on social networks (like Facebook and SoundCloud) for all your promotions and fan connections, you’re missing out on the crucial benefits of a dedicated website. For example, it’s almost impossible to optimize a Facebook page for search engines.

Own your own website!

Use social networks like Facebook to inspire engagement through videos and flyers. Entice your fans to visit your website to interact with and learn more about you and your band.

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